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Wafer Level Optics Manufacturing

Holographix offers wafer-level manufacturing of custom microlens arrays and diffraction gratings, providing top quality, high volume chip-level optical components.

Microlens Array Samples Now Available!

Holographix now offers high quality sample microlens arrays for evaluation.

Aspheric optics

Aspheric lenses, acylinders, aspheric mirrors

Knight Optical's Custom Domes for Extreme Environments

Knight Optical manfactures custom domes for extreme environments such as underwater imaging, sensing and exploration.

Custom Germanium Windows for Thermal Imaging applications

Germanium Optics for Infra-red systems between µm 1.7 and 14 µm.

Diamond Turned Aspheric Lenses.

Knight Optical supplies a range of infrared diamond turned aspheric lenses.

Dichroic Filters for Scientific Instruments and Stage and Entertainment ...

We hold a massive inventory of Bandpass, Long Pass, Short Pass, Band-Blocking and Color-Correction filters.

Germanium Windows for Gas Detection

Knight Optical provide a number of optical components that are used in Gas Detection Systems including Germanium Windows

Diamond Turned Aspheric Lenses for Night Vision Goggles

Diamond turned aspheric lenses are typically used in optical assemblies such as night vision goggles, missile guidance systems, and other military based instruments

Custom QA Light Guides from Knight Optical (USA) LLC

Our custom UV fused silica light guides also provide over 90% transmission at 335nm and work efficiently down to 185nm, making them an excellent alternative to BK7