Products in Imaging & Light Sources


With 25MP (5056 x 5056) running at 30fps the IC-X25 is a high-speed, high-resolution industrial imaging camera with a Camera Link full-configuration interface.


High-Resolution 29MP CCD Camera Link with 4.8fps

Prime sCMOS Camera

4.2 Megapixel sCMOS camera with advanced real time processing features

Evolve 512 Delta EMCCD with LightSpeed

Extremely sensitive, high speed EMCCD for imaging from 67 to >3000 fps


CCD Camera for Low-Light Life Science Applications

Q1400BSI Scientific CMOS Camera

95% QE Scientific CMOS Camera for BioMedical Instrumentation

Iris 15 CMOS Camera

15 Megapixel Scientific CMOS Camera for Large Field of View Imaging

Iris 9 CMOS Camera

Iris 9 CMOS offers price-performance balance for instrumentation design

QImaging Scientific Cameras and Imaging Solutions

CCD, EMCCD, sCMOS Cameras and Imaging Solutions for OEM Applications

QI695 CCD Camera

6 MP CCD Camera for Biomedical Instrumentation