Products in Light Sources

LED Flexible Lighting Strip, IP20, CRI 90 White, 240 Type 3528 LEDs per ...

Ledyi Series 3528 LED Flexible Lighting Strip, White, 90 CRI, 240 LEDs per meter, Two LED Rows

LVS Direct LED Bar Light with Removable Diffuser

Rows of large white or single-color LEDs in an aluminum enclosure with a frosted plastic diffuser.

LVS CW-150 1.25 Megalux LED Fiber Optic White Light Source

A single high-brightness LED utilizes a fiber optics light guide to deliver up to 1.25 million lux of 6500 K white light.

LVS Direct LED Dome Light

Direct dome lights are circular rows of LEDs at varying angles to approximate a dome shape.

LVS LED Square Array Direct Bar Light

Square bar light arrays consist of four bar lights on independent mounts for large area illumination around a camera.

LVS LED Hemispherical Diffused Dome Light

These dome lights consist circular rows of LEDs that illuminate a hemispherical diffusing surface

LVS LED Square Projector Spot Light

These projector spot lights consist of a single LED in an aluminum enclosure with a mask and lens

LVS 50 Watt LED Fiber Optic Light Source in White, Red, Green or Blue

The LVS HPLS-CW50 uses a single high power white, red, green or blue LED configured to provide a point source at the fiber input.

IR Spectrometer 900-1750 nm

IR Spectrometer 900-1750 nm. The spectrometer is designed mainly to work with femtosecond lasers in pump-probe systems.

UV-VIS-IR Spectrometer 200-1150 nm

The spectrometer is designed mainly for femtosecond lasers in pump-probe systems.