Products in Fiber

Fiberon Technologies Inc.

QSFP+ Active Optical Cables

Metal-Coated Silica Fibers

High temperature resistanceIncreased durability, high strength, hermetically sealedPossibility of soldering, embedded fibers, bundles, pigtails, inlets to high vacuum

Conical Lens

Conical lens with 6um ROC, 50 degree inclusive angle

Fiber Coupled InterconneX (FCX)

Optoscribe’s Fiber Coupled InterconneX (FCX) is the ideal solution for fiber connection in optical transceivers

3D MMux Photonic Lantern

Spatial multiplexing and de-multiplexing. The 3D MMux Photonic Lantern products are designed to interface Few Mode Fibers (FMFs) and Single Mode Fibers (SMF).

3D Optofan Multicore Fiber Fanout

The 3D Optofan series of products are a new class of glass components designed to interface multicore fibers (MCFs) and single mode fibers (SMF)

Fiber Optic Bonding

Bonding of FO Faceplates and Tapers to Image Sensors

Fiber Bragg Grating Array (FBG Array)

Premium quality Fiber Bragg Gratings written into fiber to create custom daisy-chain sensing arrays according to customer specifications.

Customized FBG Sensor

The T10 is our core Fiber Bragg Grating. It is a key building block for hundreds of types of optical sensors and optical filtering applications.

Athermal Packaged FBG

The T95 is a Wavelength Reference Fiber Bragg Grating. It is an FBG encapsulated in a package of advanced materials providing passive temperature compensation.