Products By Holographix LLC

Custom Diffractive Waveguides for Your HUD and HMD Systems

Diffractive waveguides are the preferred technology for today’s see-thru optical displays including Head-Mounted Displays, Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) and Augmented Reality.

Custom Microlens Array Manufacturing

Holographix offers high fidelity, custom microlens array solutions. Our proprietary replication process provides a cost-effective alternative to competing processes.

High Efficiency Transmission Gratings

Custom designed, high efficiency replicated transmission gratings with low stray light! Cost effective alternative to volume phase gratings.

Microlens Array Samples Now Available!

Holographix now offers high quality sample microlens arrays for evaluation.

Wafer Level Optics Manufacturing

Holographix offers wafer-level manufacturing of custom microlens arrays and diffraction gratings, providing top quality, high volume chip-level optical components.