Products By Holographix LLC

Microlens Array Samples Now Available!

Holographix now offers high quality sample microlens arrays for evaluation.

Wafer Level Optics Manufacturing

Holographix offers wafer-level manufacturing of custom microlens arrays and diffraction gratings, providing top quality, high volume chip-level optical components.

Custom Microlens Array Manufacturing

Holographix offers high fidelity, custom microlens array solutions. Our proprietary replication process provides a cost-effective alternative to competing processes.

Custom Diffractive Waveguides for Your HUD and HMD Systems

Diffractive waveguides are the preferred technology for today’s see-thru optical displays including Head-Mounted Displays, Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) and Augmented Reality.

High Efficiency Transmission Gratings

Custom designed, high efficiency replicated transmission gratings with low stray light! Cost effective alternative to volume phase gratings.