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Knight Optical's Glan-Taylor crystal polarisers

We supply custom Glan-Taylor polarizers for use in the UV, visual, & NIR wavebands (<0.2 to >2.3µm) they are supplied mounted in quality blackened aluminum.

Knight Optical's Zerodur optical flats

Optical flats are single precision flat surfaces. They are used as reference surfaces to compare flatness of a substrate where flatness is unknown.

Knight Optical's Equilateral prisms (un-coated & AR coated)

These dispersing equilateral dispersing prisms have a very simple triangular cross section. Equilateral dispersion prisms are commonly used for wavelength separations

Knight Optical offers a comprehensive range of optics for LiDAR applica...

Knight Optical offers a comprehensive range of optics for LiDAR applications

Knight Optical's Sapphire Cylindrical Lenses for Endoscopes

Knight optical increases range of sapphire cylindrical lenses for Endoscopes for Endoscopes, Lenses are fully inspected on their quality in our ISO 9001 certified lab

Knight Optical Homogenizing Rods for Electrical Instruments

Knight Optical can offer Custom Homogenizing Rods for use within Electrical Instruments.The Light source will enter a light pipe at a variety of incident angles,

Knight Optical's BK7 Windows for Traffic Monitor LiDAR Systems

Knight Optical offer a range of Stock BK7 Windows, for use within Traffic Monitoring LiDAR Systems. These LiDAR systems are used in traffic enforcement etc.

Knight Optical offer a range of Stock Sapphire Windows, for use within I...

We offer Sapphire optics for UV, Visible, NIR (0.9 to 1.5µm) & Mid-Waveband Infra-Red (MWIR, 3 to 5µm) Imaging Systems, Sapphire has good transmission in the MWIR

Knight Optical's Sapphire Ball Lenses for Fibre Optics

Knight Optical offer a range of Stock Sapphire Ball Lenses, for use within Fibre Optics, Signal Coupling and Barcode Scanners.

Knight Optical's Quality Assured Moulded Plastic Aspheric Lenses for Mil...

We offer QA Custom Moulded Aspheric Lenses for use within Military Applications they are ideal for use within Gun Sights, Military Scopes and Range finding applications