Products in Test Equipment

VFI Fiber Cleave-Check Interferometer

Interferometric inspection system for checking the surface quality and flatness of cleaved or polished fibers in 2D and 3D

MPX Modal Explorer

The Modal Explorer is available for real-time measurement of Encircled Flux at 850 and 1300nm

ModCon Mode Controller

ModCon Mode Controller provides repeatable Encircled Flux compliant launch conditions.

FiBO 250 Interferometer

Evaluate Your Fiber Optic Connectorswith the Push of a Button with the FIBO 250

FIBO 200 Interferometer

Inspect Your Fiber Optics Connectors On-Site with FiBO 200

FIBO Interferometers

FiBO brand of true phase-shifting Michelson interferometers for non-contact fiber optic endface testing.

FIBO 300 Interferometer

Investigate Your Specialty Fibers withOur Versatile FiBO

Wide Spectral range 190nm-1600nm CCD Beam Profiler

Wide spectral range beam profiler system for laser beam analysis: profilem beam size, position and power. New technology, one sensor without distorting coatings

Fiber Optic Cable

Specialty fiber optic cables for harsh environments. Specialty subsea cables, ROV cables, Drone and Aerostat Cables.

IQTransmitter with 40GHz RF Bandwidth

Introducing the World’s Highest Performing & Commercially Available Transmitter - Up to 40GHz.Enabling quick & simple generation of phase modulated optical signals.