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Knight Optical's Custom Domes for Extreme Environments

Knight Optical manfactures custom domes for extreme environments such as underwater imaging, sensing and exploration.

Custom Germanium Windows for Thermal Imaging applications

Germanium Optics for Infra-red systems between µm 1.7 and 14 µm.

Germanium Windows for Gas Detection

Knight Optical provide a number of optical components that are used in Gas Detection Systems including Germanium Windows

Custom QA Light Guides from Knight Optical (USA) LLC

Our custom UV fused silica light guides also provide over 90% transmission at 335nm and work efficiently down to 185nm, making them an excellent alternative to BK7

Knight Optical's BK7 Windows for Traffic Monitor LiDAR Systems

Knight Optical offer a range of Stock BK7 Windows, for use within Traffic Monitoring LiDAR Systems. These LiDAR systems are used in traffic enforcement etc.

Knight Optical offer a range of Stock Sapphire Windows, for use within I...

We offer Sapphire optics for UV, Visible, NIR (0.9 to 1.5µm) & Mid-Waveband Infra-Red (MWIR, 3 to 5µm) Imaging Systems, Sapphire has good transmission in the MWIR

Knight Optical's Z-cut quartz windows

Z-cut quartz windows (SiO2) is a birefringent material used in the manuf. of polarizers. It is used as windows, retarders, & wave-plates in the 1 to 3.5µm waveband

Knight Optical Knight Optical supply a range of quality YAG optical comp...

Knight Optical supply a range of quality customYAG optical components including YAG windows, YAG lenses

Knight Optical's Monochromatic light units for optical flats

Monochromatic lights have a low pressure sodium light source that emits monochromatic light in which rays have virtually the same wavelength.

Precision Grade Cover Windows for Thermal Imaging

These precision grade windows are used to seal optical enclosures especially suited to CCTV and Imaging applications.