Products in Measurement Systems

FGC Optical Fiber Geometry Measurement System

Optical fiber glass geometry measurement system for measuring core and cladding diameter, circularity and concentricity

Optoelectronic Modules

Volpi develops and manufactures optoelectronic modules and subsystems for a wide variety of applications in life science, in vitro diagnostics, medical engineering, etc.

PSC-SSS Small Smart Sensor

The PSC-SSS provides precise non-contact temperature measurement from -50°C to 975°C. It is one of the smallest infrared sensors worldwide with 22:1 optical resolution.

Real-time Optical Modulation Analyzer

TeledyneLeCroy’s Coherent Optical Receivers Pair With LabMaster 10Zi-A Series Oscilloscopes For Highest Available Performance in an Optical Modulation Analyzer System.

MarSurf LD 130/260 Aspheric High Precision Measuring Station

MarSurf LD 130/260 Aspheric High-Precision 2D/3D Measuring Station for Optical Components

LensCheck™ VIS Lens Measurement System

The Optikos LensCheck™ Lens Measurement Instrument is a cost-effective solution to your production and prototype lens qualification needs

Line Laser Profiling System

Direct measurement of line lasers up to 200 mm in length

PolarCam Snapshot Micropolarizer Cameras

Polarization-based image enhancement.


Force Measurement Systems for quantitative cell and tissue mechanics.


The aspherization of Fizeau interferometry - Discover the world-wide only aspheric Fizeau lens a|FizeriC