Products in Spectroscopy Equipment

Fiber Optic ATR-Probes

Mid IR-fiber ATR-Probes produced for any type of FT-NIR, FT-IR and other IR-spectrometers, photometers and IR-LED or QCL spectral sensors.

Fiber Optic ATR-Probes for Lab Applications

IR fiber ATR probes with PEEK shaft are cost effective and perfect for use in small lab reactors and open vessels.

ATR-Loop InfraRed Fiber Optic Probes

ATR-Loop fiber probes are perfect for remote analysis of composition of liquids, pastes and soft surfaces with no need in sample preparation.

Broad Range Optical Fiber UV-VIS-SWIR multimode probes and patch cords

Spectrecology - new Broad Range Optical Fiber 200 - 2200nm, multimode, for fiber optic spectroscopy

Ocean-FX High Speed WIFI enabled Spectrometer

Ocean FX is a fiber optic UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer, 4500 scans per second, onboard processing, USB, SPI, Gigabit Ethernet & Wi-Fi, user inter-changeable slits

Transportable Dual-band Benchtop Raman Spectrometer

BaySpec’s Agility Raman spectrometer delivers high sensitivity and repeatability in an affordable, ruggedized, battery-operated package.

Tunable IR Lasers Make superb spectroscopy sources

Tunable IR Lasers, Spectroscopy Grade, operate on TE coolers in small packages and are suitable for dedicated instrumentation.

Cubert FireflEYE S185 Hyperspectral Imager

Easy and reliable hyperspectral imaging spectrometer for UAV applications

New Flat-field Diffraction Grating

Diffraction grating improves efficiency and range in the soft x-ray and extreme ultraviolet

Deep Ultraviolet Polarization

Novel instrument measures optical reflectance as a function of angle of incidence in non-polarized light