Products in Optics

Miniatured passive device

Miniature VOA/switch/Tap PD, metalized fibers/hermetic feedthrus, PM components, special fiber-array and collimator, MPO/MTP loopback/breakout/cable

Optical components

Inrad produces Xray focusing mirrors, large transmission windows, aspheric mirrors, nonlinear crystals, neutron detection crystals, and opto-mechanical assemblies.

Scintinel Stilbene Crystals

Scintinel is a family of scintillation crystals for fast neutron detection

CRAL 700 Thermoelectric Chiller

Dual Heating and Cooling Thermoelectric Chiller

Linear Variable Bandpass Filters for Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI)

Linear Variable Bandpass Filters for Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI)

Fiber Optic Cable

Specialty fiber optic cables for harsh environments. Specialty subsea cables, ROV cables, Drone and Aerostat Cables.

TFP All-Glass Dichroic Filter Wheel Assemblies

Filter wheels with no spaces between the glass segments, motors, encoders and timing marks are available

X-cube Prism, 3-Port, 10 to 50 mm, S or P Polarization

X-cube prism for three-wavelength illumination combining or separating

tau lasers

Our tau range now incorporates two wavelengths, 532nm and 671nm. Our 532nm is capable of powers up to 150mW and the 671nm up to 50mW.