Products in Manufacturing

Universal Connector Polishing Fixture

A single polishing fixture that supports all UPC style connectors, ferrules and Mil-spec termini

Scepter Automated Polishing System

PC Controlled Polishing for Connectors, Mil-spec Termini, Bare Fiber and Waveguides.

SpecPro Optical Connector Polishing System

Economical singlemode polishing for low-volume production and RD. Process bare fibers, connectors and termini.

FLex Waveguide Polisher

Polish waveguides, PLCs, fiber arrays and opitical KrellTech’s Flex System is designed for cost-effective processing of wave

Fiber Optic Coating and Sheathing Solutions

High-Performance Polymer Coatings for Fiber Optic Technology

Minilock Orion PECVD

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) System with a Vacuum Loadlock

High Resolution, low power consumption OLED microdisplays

High resolution OLED microdisplays Full color version

DH-3plus-CAL Radiometric Standard UV-VIS Fiber Optic Source

Radiometric Source for calibrating Irradiance of fiber optic spectrometers

UV-sensitive Line Scan CCD Sensors - 2048 and 3648 Pixels

Line-Scan CCD sensors from Sony and Toshibe coated with UV-converting dyes for response to 190 nm.