Products in Microscopes

ZYGO Nexview™ 3D Optical Profiler for Precise Surface Topography and Fil...

ZYGO Nexview™ 3D Optical Profiler Enables Advanced Applications with Innovative Solutions and Leading Non-contact Surface Metrology

508 PV™ Microscope Spectrophotometer

Add spectroscopy to your microscope™

UVM-1 UV-Visible-NIR Microscope

The UVM-1 is a microscope that can image in the ultraviolet, visible and NIR regions by transmission, reflectance, fluorescence and more.

Sample Preparation for Microscopy

Lapping & Polishing Materials


Dynamic Optics manufactures unique multi actuator adaptive lenses for wavefront correction and image focusing.

Standard Microscope Spectroscopy Systems (SMS)

Standard Microscope Spectroscopy (SMS) systems, with their unique set of accessories, enables any standard microscope to be fitted with a spectrometer and a detector, thereby adding spectroscopy to ANY microscope, to perform techniques such as Raman, steady state and time-resolved Photoluminescence, Reflectance/Transmittance, Electroluminescence, Photocurrent and Dark Field Scattering.