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Knight Optical Calcium Fluoride Windows, Lenses and Prisms

Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) is widely used in infrared optical systems in windows, lenses, prisms and mirror substrates and is harder than Barium Fluoride.

Knight Optical's Stock Barium fluoride windows

Barium Fluoride (BaF₂) is a crystalline compound of barium and fluoride used in optical applications in the NIR, VIS and MWIR spectrums.

Knight Optical's Injection Moulded Aspheric Lenses for Virtual Reality H...

Knight Optical offers injection moulded aspherics from a range of visible materials including PMMA, polycarbonate, polystyrene and Lexan.

Knight Optical's Fresnel Lenses for Retinal Imaging

Our Fresnel Lenses consist of a flat surface with interspace concentric steps whereby each step corresponds to the surface of a conventional lenses

Knight Optical's Moulded Optics for Light Sensors

Knight Optical offers a range of custom moulded optics for many different uses. On our website a range of different moulded optics can be found, both stock and custom

Knight Optical's Colour Glass Filters for ANPR Camera Systems

Knight Optical offers Color Glass Filters for applications, such ANPR cmaeras, be it either long pass or bandpass filters

Knight Optical's Fresnel Lenses for Magnification Displays

Knight Optical can offer you Stock and Custom Fresnel Lenses, for concentrated photovoltaic applications in a range of materials such as PMMA Acrylic and Borosilicate

Knight Optical's Ball and Half Ball Lenses for Endoscopes

Knight Optical can offer you Stock and Custom Ball Lenses, for use within Endoscopes in a range of materials such as Sapphire, Ruby, Quartz and BK7 or equivalent

Knight Optical's Plane Mirrors for Laser Distance Measurements

Our Plane Mirrors (general, λ/1 and λ/4), for use within Laser Distance Measurement Apps in a range such as Soda-lime float glass, white float glass, & BK7 glass

Knight Optical's Moulded Optics for UV Disinfection Systems

Knight Optical provides tubes which are typically produced from quartz, borosilicate, float glass, Liba 2000, amongst other materials.