New To The PSC

  • knight optical’s polarizers for insect vision research
    Knight Optical’s Polarizers for Insect Vision Research
    Knight Optical works with many leading research institutions in the field of insect vision. Knight Optical also keep stock a UV & NIR range of sheet polarizers

    Knight Optical offer a range of Stock Polarisers that can be used in the study...

  • knight optical’s beam-splitters for use within food sorting systems
    Knight Optical’s Beam-Splitters for use within Food Sorting Systems
    Beam-splitter are a widely utilized technology in Optical Sorting Systems for the food industry

    The optical system utilizes lights and sensors housed above and below the flow of the products...

  • knight optical's custom domes for pyronometers
    Knight Optical has successfully launched a range of Stock Optical Domes for use in Pyronometers

    We can manufacture these Domes in a range of materials for solar monitoring from...

  • absorptive glass neutral density filters
    Absorptive glass neutral density filters
    Glass Neutral Density filters attenuate light by absorption just like the gelatin neutral density filters. Glass ND Filters are more robust

    Glass Neutral Density filters attenuate light by absorption just like the gelatine neutral...

  • triple monochromator for raman spectroscopy
    Triple monochromator for Raman spectroscopy
    Triple spectrometer with adjustable bandwidth, edge-slope and UV wavelength capability

    The McPherson triple monochromator uses exclusively reflective optics and is capable of working...

  • multi-mode fiber optic patch cables 62.5/125
    Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Patch Cables 62.5/125
    High Quality MMF fiber cables with various lengths and connector types.

    In fiber optic communication, a multi-mode optical fiber cable is usually used for short...

  • chalcogenide mwir fused fiber combiner  (1.5µm to 6.5 µm)
    Chalcogenide MWIR Fused Fiber Combiner (1.5µm to 6.5 µm)

    Arsenic sulfide 3-to-1, or 7-to-1 multimode fiber combiner.  3 or 7 input fibers to 1 fused...

  • 10gb om3 fiber cables 50/125
    10Gb OM3 Fiber Cables 50/125
    10Gb Fiber Cable / Fiber Optic Patch Cable / OM3 Fiber Cable / Duplex Fiber Cable / LC to LC / Multimode 50/125 Patch Cable / Aqua Fiber Cable / Gig-Ethernet

    There are a special kind of 50/125 multimode fibers, which are called OM3 50/125. 62.5/125 is...

  • fc/b® connector fc connector at brewster angle
    FC/B® Connector FC Connector at Brewster Angle

    IRflex's FC/B® connector achieves nearly full transmission and no reflection at the input face...

  • irf-se series  chalcogenide lwir fibers (1.5 to 10µm)
    IRF-Se Series Chalcogenide LWIR Fibers (1.5 to 10µm)

    IRflex’s IRF-Se Series longwave mid-infrared fiber, made from extra high purity...

  • irf-s series chalcogenide mid-ir fibers (1.5 to 6.5 micron)
    IRF-S Series Chalcogenide Mid-IR fibers (1.5 to 6.5 micron)

    IRflex’s IRF-S Series mid-infrared fiber, made from extra high purity...

  • enhancement for medical imaging & scanning
    Enhancement for Medical Imaging & Scanning
    Coated solutions designed to enhance the performance of medical imaging & scanning systems, providing contrast enhancement for laser or fluorescence based imaging.

    Abrisa Technologies coated solutions are designed to enhance the performance of medical imaging...

  • mitysom-5csx embedded vision dev kit for basler dart
    MitySOM-5CSX Embedded Vision Dev Kit for Basler Dart
    The MitySOM-5CSX Embedded Vision Development Kit (VDK) is a complete hardware and software framework designed to accelerate the development of vision applications.

    The MitySOM-5CSX Embedded Vision Development Kit (VDK) provides the fastest path to embedded...

  • foundries technical report
    Foundries Technical Report
    Foundries Technical Report

    With over a decade’s experience as a fabless photonic design house, VLC Photonics is releasing...

  • pic packaging
    PIC Packaging
    Photonic Integrated Circuit Packaging

    Additionally, if required, PIC can also be assembled, packaged and connectorized electrically...

  • pic characterization and test
    PIC Characterization and Test
    PIC Characterization and Test

    After fabrication, chips from the corresponding foundry can be fully characterized at VLC...


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