New To The PSC

  • knight optical homogenizing rods for electrical instruments
    Knight Optical Homogenizing Rods for Electrical Instruments
    Knight Optical can offer Custom Homogenizing Rods for use within Electrical Instruments.The Light source will enter a light pipe at a variety of incident angles,

    Electrical instruments use back light displays to help...

  • ofls-b - broadband light source
    OFLS-B - Broadband light source
    Fiber coupled broadband light source series with different wavelengths ranging from 650 to 1600 nm, up to 120nm FWHM, 30mW of power

    Safibra's OFLS-B (Optical Fiber Light Source - Broadband)  is SLED based broadband...

  • prisms
    Right angle, corner cube retro-reflectors, penta, porro, dove

    With facilities dedicated to precision prism manufacturing, RMI excels in difficult designs...

  • lenses
    Spherical Lenses, Cylindrical Lenses, Aspherical Lenses

    RMI is one of the few companies that possess extensive experience with lens fabrication using a...

  • filters
    Color Glass Filters, Dichroic Filters

    RMI filters are carefully manufactured and measured to ensure the most accurate wavelength...

  • polarizers
    UV, Cubes, Broadband, High Power, Thin Film, IR

    RMI has unrivaled expertise in the development of high power plate and cube polarizers. From the...

  • beamsplitters / non polarizers
    Beamsplitters / Non Polarizers
    High power, non-polarizing, IR, IR Non-polarizing, broadband, cube, Nd:YAG Harmonic Separators

    RMI is known around the world for producing the highest quality and highest damage threshold...

  • partial reflectors & output couplers
    Partial Reflectors & Output Couplers
    Partial Reflectors, excimer, YAG, CO2 partial reflector mirrors, Nd:YLF, He-Ne, Ruby

    RMI output couplers and partial reflectors are specifically designed for acurate transmission/...

  • mirrors
    Blanks, Excimer, YAG, CO2, CO2 Phase Retarding, Laserline, Metal, Broadband

    RMI has built a reputation for delivering the most durable dielectric and metal mirrors in the...

  • windows
    Plane, Parallel, Brewster, Flats large Wedge, Rectangular & Square, Laser windows, excimer windows

    Rmi manufactures high quality laser windows across a wide range of UV, visable, and IR...

  • custom blazed gratings
    Custom Blazed Gratings
    Whether you require a custom blazed grating or an entire blazed grating-based optical system, please contact us with your questions and requirements.

    Holographix now offers a proprietary custom blazed grating mastering process that, when coupled...

  • fiber optic mode conditioning cables
    Fiber Optic Mode Conditioning cables
    Mode Conditioning Cables 
  • knight optical's sapphire cylindrical lenses for endoscopes
    Knight Optical's Sapphire Cylindrical Lenses for Endoscopes
    Knight optical increases range of sapphire cylindrical lenses for Endoscopes for Endoscopes, Lenses are fully inspected on their quality in our ISO 9001 certified lab

    Cylindrical lenses are designed to focus light into a straight line, rather than to a single...

  • fbguard - fiber optic sensing system
    FBGuard - Fiber optic sensing system
    FBGuad is FBG interrogation unit designed for measurement and data processing of measured values from FBG sensors with high sample rate, resolution and accuracy.

    FBGuad  is FBG interrogation unit designed for measurement and data processing...

  • exemplar pro deep cooled smart spectrometer
    Exemplar Pro Deep Cooled Smart Spectrometer
    The Exemplar Pro is a high performance smart spectrometer utilizing a low stray light unfolded Czerny-Turner spectrograph.

    The Exemplar Pro features a highly sensitive deep cooled (-25oC) back-thinned CCD detector which...

  • exemplar plus high performance smart spectrometer
    Exemplar Plus High Performance Smart Spectrometer
    The Exemplar® Plus is a high performance smart spectrometer utilizing a low stray light unfolded Czerny-Turner spectrograph.

    The Exemplar® Plus features a highly sensitive TE cooled back-thinned (BT) CCD detector which is...


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Thin Film Coating Technician

Rocky Mountain Instrument Company (RMI) is a high-tech manufacturer of... More

Optics Polishing Technician

Rocky Mountain Instrument Company is a manufacturer of precision optics,... More

Upcoming Events

  • 14th optics valley of china international optoelectronic exposition and forum
    14th Optics Valley of China International Optoelectronic Exposition and Forum
    November 03 - November 05, Wuhan, Hubei China
  • optinet china and ftth forum
    Optinet China and FTTH Forum
    June 07 - June 08, Beijing, China
  • University of Arizona, Tucson PHYSICS/PHOTONICS™ SHOWS EVENT
    November 03, Tucson, Arizona United States
  • University of California, Los Angeles PHYSICS/PHOTONICS™ SHOWS EVENT
    October 26, Los Angeles, California United States
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    August 24, San Diego, California United States
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    August 10, Rochester, New York United States
  • university of california, berkeley physics/photonics™ shows event
    University of California, Berkeley Physics/Photonics™ Shows Event
    June 07, Berkeley, California United States
  • etop education and training in optics & photonics
    ETOP Education and Training in Optics & Photonics
    May 29 - May 31, Hangzhou China