New To The PSC

  • infinite optics general capabilities
    Infinite Optics General Capabilities

    Infinite Optics offers customized thin film coating services in small or large quantities...

  • new high brightness monochromator
    New High Brightness Monochromator
    An ideal instrument for use in tunable light source systems for illumination, imaging and spectroscopy

    High brightness monochromator McPherson Model 207A is best for high-brightness over a broad...

  • iris laser safety accessory
    IRIS Laser Safety Accessory
    Tornado Spectral Systems' IRIS laser safety accessory for the HyperFlux™ PRO Plus Raman spectroscopy system ensures safe operation in hazardous environments.

    Tornado Spectral Systems' IRIS laser safety accessory for the HyperFlux™ PRO...

  • beam expander kit
    Beam Expander Kit
    More flexible, more accurate, more economical: Discover the world‘s first aspheric and diffractionlimited SPA™ Beam Expander Kit

    Comprised of individual SPA™ Beam Expanders, the SPA™ Waveλdapt, the brand-new SPA™ AspheriColl...

  • xuv / euv / soft x-ray flat-field spectrometer
    XUV / EUV / soft x-ray flat-field spectrometer
    Flat-field grazing-incidence spectrometer for the EUV, XUV, soft X-ray range

    The XUV spectrometer features an aberration-corrected flat-field wavelength coverage from 5nm...

  • spa™ mounted optics
    SPA™ Mounted Optics
    Discover Plug & Play Perfection - precisely fitting for aspheres.

    Benefit from a convenient solution for your laser application with the attractive selection of...

  • asphericon oem
    asphericon OEM
    Choose from a variety of customer-specific elements - from classic aspheres through to complex surface shapes and specially coated lenses.

    asphericon turns your ideas into customized solutions - ultra-precise, efficient and repeatable...

  • asphericon spa™
    asphericon SPA™
    Precision-polished aspheric lenses with excellent optical properties are in stock and available for delivery when required.

    asphericon SPA™ (Standard Precision Aspheres) - Benefit from a unique selection of standard...

  • lunam t-40i
    LUNAM T-40i
    Force Measurement Systems for quantitative cell and tissue mechanics.

    Lunam™ T-40i condenses ten years of expertise in force sensing technology and...

  • thin film coating services using ebg & iad
    Thin Film Coating Services using EBG & IAD
    Infinite Optics supplies coatings on fibers, filters, lenses, beam splitters, prototype designs and R&D solutions.

    Infinite Optics is a custom coating service that offers coating design, development, models and...

  • hyperflux u1 spectrometer platform
    HyperFlux U1 Spectrometer Platform
    The HyperFlux U1 spectrometer platform offers high-performance spectroscopy with factory-configurable bandpass, resolution, and throughput VIS/NIR options

    Tornado's HyperFlux U1 is an HTVS-enabled spectrometer platform that can provide customized...

  • upgrade your interferometer
    Upgrade Your Interferometer
    Turn key interferometer upgrades for 30% the price of a new interferometer

    Upgrade your fully depreciated Generation II and III Interferometers to their theoretical...

  • colorpol® polarizers
    colorPol® polarizers
    Flexibility of the colorPol® technology allows for the production of customized polarizers meeting demands for all spectral ranges, contrast conditions and designs.

    Wavelength range

    340 - 420 nm

    440 - 5000 nm



  • s100|hr fizeau interferometer
    S100|HR Fizeau Interferometer
    See more details, and converge faster with high slope acceptance: 6 seconds from measurement‐to‐custom report

    In just 6 seconds measure 4.2 megapixels of diffraction limited phase data and produce a...

  • flare 50mp camera
    Flare 50MP Camera
    High Resolution Video Cameras with Global Shutter CMOS Sensors

    • Monochrome and Colour Models
    • Global Shutter CMOS with CDS
    • CoaXPress Output...

  • dvr express core 2 max
    DVR Express Core 2 MAX
    Advanced High-Speed Digital Video Recorder with IRIG and GPS

    · Reliable uncompressed video recording from Camera Link, CoaXPress or SDI video sources...


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Field Service Engineer - West Coast

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Field Service Engineer

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  • etop education and training in optics & photonics
    ETOP Education and Training in Optics & Photonics
    May 29 - May 31, Hangzhou China
  • 2017 optical networking and communication conference & exhibition
    2017 Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition
    March 19 - March 23, Los Angeles, CA USA
  • spie photonics west 2017
    SPIE Photonics West 2017
    January 28 - February 02, San Francisco, CA USA