Products By Arden Photonics LTD

FGC Optical Fiber Geometry Measurement System

Optical fiber glass geometry measurement system for measuring core and cladding diameter, circularity and concentricity

FGC-GA Geometry System

The FGC-GA is the all-in-one solution for precision measurements of the geometry of the widest range of optical fibers, V-groove arrays and ribbon connectors.

VFI Fiber Cleave-Check Interferometer

Arden Photonics' VFI is the next generation in non-contact interferometers for checking the flatness and quality of standard optical fiber.

FGC-P Fiber Coating Geometry System

The FGC-P Fiber Coating Geometry System is the fast, reliable solution for measuring the geometry characteristics of optical fiber coatings.

MPX Modal Explorer

The Modal Explorer is available for real-time measurement of Encircled Flux at 850 and 1300nm

ModCon Mode Controller

ModCon Mode Controller provides repeatable Encircled Flux compliant launch conditions.