Products By Arden Photonics LTD

VFI Fiber Cleave-Check Interferometer

Interferometric inspection system for checking the surface quality and flatness of cleaved or polished fibers in 2D and 3D

FGC Optical Fiber Geometry Measurement System

Optical fiber glass geometry measurement system for measuring core and cladding diameter, circularity and concentricity

FGC-GA Geometry System

The FGC-GA is the all-in-one solution for precision measurements of the geometry of the widest range of optical fibers, V-groove arrays and ribbon connectors.

FGC-P Fiber Coating Geometry System

The FGC-P Fiber Coating Geometry System is the fast, reliable solution for measuring the geometry characteristics of optical fiber coatings.

MPX Modal Explorer

The Modal Explorer is available for real-time measurement of Encircled Flux at 850 and 1300nm

ModCon Mode Controller

ModCon Mode Controller provides repeatable Encircled Flux compliant launch conditions.