FIBO 300 Interferometer

Promet Optics

FiBO® 300 is a versatile phase-shifting interferometer for the analysis of fiber optic endface geometry. Measure non-standard and angle-polished bare optical fiber with just one click. FiBO makes sophisticated interferometry easy and affordable. Applications • Bare fiber measurement up to 1500 microns in diameter • Single- and multi-mode optical connector testing • High power laser components • Specialty fiber endface analysis • Cleaved fiber inspection • Angle-polished fiber up to 50 degrees • Micro-optic components

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

Promet Optics was founded in 1993 by Lubomir and Hana Koudelka as an optomechanical design and production service provider for Minnesota-based leading-edge security and defense technology companies. Promet has a 20-year history of successfully completing projects for a diverse range of customers in both the commercial and defense sectors in areas including medical and military applications, biometrics, machine vision, and aerospace.
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