Line Laser Profiling System

DataRay Inc.

The Line Laser Profiling System (LLPS) is a complete solution for analyzing line lasers up to 200 mm in length and up to 8mm in width. By scanning DataRay’s flagship WinCamD-LCM4 beam profiling camera across the length of the beam using our 200 mm linear stage, the full-featured free software will display a full image of the line laser intensity distribution along with a vertical centroid plot, line width plot, and many other useful measurements.

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

DataRay designs and manufactures innovative laser beam intensity profiling instruments for wavelengths from UV to THz. Camera-based and scanning slit-based instruments are all USB port-powered with Windows based software, and interfacing options to LabVIEW, Python, MATLAB etc. Standard and custom systems available. Unique systems include XYZThetaPhi measurement for focused laser assembly alignment with real-time M2, and high resolution THz camera systems.
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