Products By AVC Emporium

LVS CW-150 1.25 Megalux LED Fiber Optic White Light Source

A single high-brightness LED utilizes a fiber optics light guide to deliver up to 1.25 million lux of 6500 K white light.

Foveon F13 and DP13 CMOS Layered Color Image Sensors

The Foveon X3 F13 is a 1.7x FLM (focal length multiplier) high-resolution CMOS direct color image sensor

LVS Direct LED Bar Light with Removable Diffuser

Rows of large white or single-color LEDs in an aluminum enclosure with a frosted plastic diffuser.

UV-sensitive Line Scan CCD Sensors - 2048 and 3648 Pixels

Line-Scan CCD sensors from Sony and Toshibe coated with UV-converting dyes for response to 190 nm.

OptoMotive Velociraptor HS High-Speed 2.2 MP Smart Cameras

FPGA camera with a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA preprogrammed for real-time JPEG encoding

APG Sealed, Split Gland Cord Grip Assembly - Four Sizes, Plastic or Meta...

A low cost, highly configurable solution for creating a watertight seal around one or more cables.

ToupTek WCAM WiFi C-Mount 720p Color Camera for Wireless Imaging

Sends H.264 encoded high-resolution images to WiFi-enabled smartphones, computers, and tablets

ToupTek USB Digital Microscope Kits - 0.3, 1.3 & 2 MP with Stand

USB-powered handheld digital microscope with 10x to 200x magnification

ToupTek S3CMOS 5 MP USB 3.0 CMOS Camera for 23.2mm Microscope Eyepiece Tube

The ToupTek S3CMOS is a USB3.0 CMOS camera designed to replace 23.2 diameter microscope eyepieces.

LED Flexible Lighting Strip, IP20, CRI 90 White, 240 Type 3528 LEDs per ...

Ledyi Series 3528 LED Flexible Lighting Strip, White, 90 CRI, 240 LEDs per meter, Two LED Rows