Products in Testing & Inspection

PowerBlade - Modular Power Meters

MTP-1000 - The Smart & Versatile Testing Platform with PowerBlade. Unrivalled Stability and Uniformity in Performance. Your choice of up to 4 Inline powermeters per blade

SwitchBlade - Smarter Modular Optical Switch - Multi Mode

MTP-1000 - The Smart & Versatile Testing Platform with SwitchBlade. Unrivalled Stability and Uniformity in Performance.

IQABC - Automatic Bias Controller | IQ Optimization Made Simple

The IQABC with its advanced ABC algorithm, accurately and reliably controls and optimizes all the modulator bias points regardless of the modulation format or pattern.

MarSurf LD 130/260 Aspheric High Precision Measuring Station

MarSurf LD 130/260 Aspheric High-Precision 2D/3D Measuring Station for Optical Components

Programmable Optical Pulseshaper for fs Pulses

The WaveShaper is a PM programmable filter which provides full control of the amplitude and phase spectra across the entire operating wavelength range.

Transportable Dual-band Benchtop Raman Spectrometer

BaySpec’s Agility Raman spectrometer delivers high sensitivity and repeatability in an affordable, ruggedized, battery-operated package.

LensCheck™ VIS Lens Measurement System

The Optikos LensCheck™ Lens Measurement Instrument is a cost-effective solution to your production and prototype lens qualification needs

Tunable IR Lasers Make superb spectroscopy sources

Tunable IR Lasers, Spectroscopy Grade, operate on TE coolers in small packages and are suitable for dedicated instrumentation.

Cubert FireflEYE S185 Hyperspectral Imager

Easy and reliable hyperspectral imaging spectrometer for UAV applications

DVR Express Core 2 MAX

Advanced High-Speed Digital Video Recorder with IRIG and GPS