Products in Testing & Inspection


Force Measurement Systems for quantitative cell and tissue mechanics.


The aspherization of Fizeau interferometry - Discover the world-wide only aspheric Fizeau lens a|FizeriC

Lasair III 310C Portable Particle Counter

The Lasair III sets the standard for portable aerosol particle counters. Used for continuous and mobile production monitoring or particle excursion troubleshooting.

Syringe Liquid Particle Sampler

The SLS measures particles in liquids like a cleaning bath or chemicals by delivering the sample directly to the sensor from a cleaning line or chemical container.

si155 Optical Sensing Instrument

si155 Optical Sensing Instrument

TEMPO high frequency Interferometer

The TEMPO is a Two-wave mixing interferometer capable of measuring picometer surface displacements at Ultra High Frequency on all surface types

Integrated spectrometer & 3D imager

Terahertz spectrometer and sub-nanometer resolution 3D imager

Turbine Generator Guard

An integrated system with dual ability for measuring both vibration and temperature for the purpose of extending your asset lifespan

Exemplar Smart CCD Spectrometer

The Exemplar® was the first smart spectrometer to feature on-board data processing, USB 3.0 communication, and temperature compensation.

Exemplar Plus High Performance Smart Spectrometer

The Exemplar® Plus is a high performance smart spectrometer utilizing a low stray light unfolded Czerny-Turner spectrograph.