Products By Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC

Cubert FireflEYE M185 Hyperspectral Imager

Revolutionary VNIR snapshot hyperspectral imager for microscopes

Cubert FireflEYE Q285 Hyperspectral Imager

inVISION Top Innovation of 2015 - Industrial snapshot hyperspectral imager

Cubert FireflEYE S185 Hyperspectral Imager

Easy and reliable hyperspectral imaging spectrometer for UAV applications

Cubert FireflEYE S485 Hyperspectral Imager

High-fidelity, wavelength customizable snapshot hyperspectral imager

Cubert FireflEYE S685 Underwater Hyperspectral Imager

World's first underwater snapshot hyperspectral imaging camera

LWIR Multi-slit Scan Hyperspectral Imager

LWIR hyperspectral imager for the 8-12 micron wavelength range

LWIR-62 Snapshot Spectral Imager

LWIR snapshot spectral imager for 7-10 micron wavelength range

MWIR-20 Snapshot Spectral Imager

Patented MWIR snapshot spectral imager for 2-5 micron wavelength range

MWIR-60 Snapshot Spectral Imager

Snapshot spectral imager for the 3-5 micron wavelength range

SWIR-60 Snapshot Spectral Imager

Snapshot imaging spectrometer for the 900-1700nm wavelength range