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Standard Microscope Spectroscopy Systems (SMS)

Standard Microscope Spectroscopy (SMS) systems, with their unique set of accessories, enables any standard microscope to be fitted with a spectrometer and a detector, thereby adding spectroscopy to ANY microscope, to perform techniques such as Raman, steady state and time-resolved Photoluminescence, Reflectance/Transmittance, Electroluminescence, Photocurrent and Dark Field Scattering.

New Back-Illuminated Syncerity VUV CCD Camera

Back-Illuminated Syncerity VUV CCD Camera - Deep Cooled Vacuum Ultra Violet Scientific Cameras


NEW BACK-ILLUMINATED SYNAPSE PLUS CCD CAMERA for high speed and low light applications.

Multi-spectra Spectrometers

PoliSpectra® DUAL/TWIN/TETRA Enable Simultaneous Acquisition of 2-6 Spectra