MULTI-ACTUATOR ADAPTIVE LENSESDynamic Optics provides adaptive lenses that can replace deformable mirrors in many applications in order to design compact adaptive optics systems. This lens can correct up to the 4th order of Zernike polynomial with a response time < 5ms. They are ideal to realize new instruments with adaptive functionalities with complexity, size and cost compatible with market requirements. FOCUSING ADAPTIVE LENSES The focusing lens can be mounted in front of a fixed focal length lens to rapidly change focus. it allows the user to refocus the lens faster than mechanically moving the lens with traditional motorized solutions.

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

Dynamic Optics aims to become a technology leader in adaptive optics technologies. Recent advances in imaging and laser processing techniques are increasingly requiring optical systems to be tuned in accordance with the specific configuration in which optics are used. Defocus adjustment, aberration correction, light shaping are some of the many tasks that traditional optics are not able to achieve with the accuracy and speed needed for many applications. Dynamic Optics manufactures multi actuator adaptive lenses, deformable mirrors and wavefront sensors for use in many applications: microscopy, vision science, astronomy, high power lasers and defence.
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