Optical components

Inrad Optics

Inrad Optics has extensive knowledge for fabricating large transmission flats, windows, plate beamsplitters, and mirrors. Applications range from metrology flats to imaging windows. Typical sizes for flats and windows range from 5 mm up to 500 mm in diameter. Outline tolerances are 0.1 mm for smaller diameter parts and up to 0.5 mm for the very largest ones. Thickness tolerance can be as tight as ± 0.1 µm. Flatness is on the order of ?/20 PV with transmitted and reflected wavefronts of ?/10. Inrad Optics recently introduced a line of bayonet style ring mounted transmission flats now available on-line.

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

Inrad Optics is a manufacturer of non-linear crystals, Q-switches, and Pockels cells for laser applications. We grow and fabricate crystals for UV sensing and neutron detection. Our products include beamsplitters, waveplates, aspheric mirrors, and scanning mirrors. We also fabricate X-Ray Monochromators using bent crystals in quartz, germanium, and silicon.
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