Scintinel Stilbene Crystals

Inrad Optics

Stilbene is a scintillator, and emits light in the presence of nuclear radiation. It has long been recognized as having excellent properties for neutron detection, but availability at a reasonable price has limited its widespread use. The primary advantages of stilbene are its high sensitivity to neutrons and excellent discrimination between neutrons and gamma-ray radiation. Additionally, stilbene is a solid-state, non-hazardous material. Crystals are produced from 5mm to 100mm in diameter and can be integrated with photomultipler tubes.

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

Inrad Optics is a manufacturer of non-linear crystals, Q-switches, and Pockels cells for laser applications. We grow and fabricate crystals for UV sensing and neutron detection. Our products include beamsplitters, waveplates, aspheric mirrors, and scanning mirrors. We also fabricate X-Ray Monochromators using bent crystals in quartz, germanium, and silicon.
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