Fabricating Doped Fiber Preforms

This is the third in FOC’s new series on doped fiber technology. The first article, “Rare Earth Doped Fibers,” reviewed the main methods for making doped-fiber preforms. The second article, “Thulium-Doped Fibers,” discussed the characteristics of thulium as a dopant and commented on the desire to achieve higher dopant concentrations. The article below looks in more detail at steps in making doped fiber preforms starting with halide-process MCVD core rods. Many high-tech products are made with a sequence of procedures such that each step builds on the accuracy and precision of the preceding step. This is especially true of rare-earth doped fiber, which requires knowledge of preform fabrication, fiber draw, measurements, and basic understanding of waveguide propagation and laser fundamentals. Read more here https://focenter.com/foc-blog/

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