Products in Imaging & Light Sources

ToupTek E3CMOS USB 3.0 CMOS Color Cameras with Sony Back-Illuminated Sen...

E3CMOS Series C-mount USB 3.0 CMOS Camera with Sony Exmor/STARVIS sensors

LVS 50 Watt LED Fiber Optic Light Source in White, Red, Green or Blue

The LVS HPLS-CW50 uses a single high power white, red, green or blue LED configured to provide a point source at the fiber input.

Surveyor On-line Thermal Imaging Camera Series Systems for Process Tempe...

The Surveyor On-line thermal imaging cameras are some of the smallest in the world, offering remarkable 125hz speed with high resolution 384x288 pixel FPA detector.


Embedded Vision System with 5.5MP sCMOS imaging sensor


Embedded Vision System with 2.1MP sCMOS imaging sensor


Embedded Vision Platform with 8MP CMOSIS sensor

MitySOM-5CSX Embedded Vision Dev Kit for Basler Dart

The MitySOM-5CSX Embedded Vision Development Kit (VDK) is a complete hardware and software framework designed to accelerate the development of vision applications.

CMOS Ultra-low-light Bio-imager ULS24

The Anitoa ULS24 is an ultra-low-light CMOS imager designed to enable portable medical and scientific instruments.

VS4-1845 Image Intensifier Assembly

The VS4-1845 Image Intensifier Assembly with relay lens and complete control electronics package

minnieScope-XS and minnieCam-XS: Unprecedented resolution of up to 1Mpi...

minnieScope-XS and minnieCam-XS: Unprecedented resolution of up to 1Mpixel from constructs that are less than 1.35mm in diameter.