NanoCam Sq Dynamic Optical Profiler

4D Technology Corporation

The NanoCam Sq dynamic optical profiler utilizes Dynamic Interferometry, incorporating a high-speed optical sensor that measures thousands of times faster than traditional optical profilers. Because acquisition time is so short, the NanoCam Sq can measure despite vibration, making it possible to mount the instrument in polishing equipment, on a gantry or on a robot end effector. The NanoCam Sq is compact and lightweight enough to be placed directly on a large optic to measure surface finish at any location. Applications include surface roughness of small and large coated/uncoated optics, on-machine surface roughness metrology, and process control for polishing operations.

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

4D Technology designs and manufactures laser interferometers, surface roughness profilers, surface gauges and polarization cameras, for accurate measurement of precision surfaces and optical components.
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