Products By Instytut Fotonowy

Water cooling system

It’s used to cool, for example, the xenon lamp

Motorized long translation stage

Precise, convenient and very useful in laboratory experiments

Filter wheel

Makes it able to place the optical filters onto the light beam coming out of monochromator.

Angular sphere

The device is used to test omnidirectional characteristics of light sources

Absolute IPCE calibrator

The absolute IPCE calibrator serves as meter of total light power reaching a sample attached to our “pass through” photoelectrochemical cell

Potentiostat P-IF 1.6

Device that measures the characteristics of the chrono-volt-amperometric signal in electrochemical systems

LED Illuminator

Modular LED illuminator based on high power LED array that are driven and controlled by a PC’s USB port

Illuminator 470 nm

Illuminator with adjustable light intensity

Xe illuminator 150 W

Up to 70% of emitted radiation is captured by the reflector and directed at an illuminated sample

Halogen illuminator

Halogen illuminator offers high intensity of illumination