Products in Glass

S-waveplate (Radial Polarization Converter)

S-waveplate is a super-structured spatially variable waveplate which converts linear polarization to radial or azimuthal, and circular polarization to optical vortex.

Custom Spatially Variable Waveplates

Custom spatially variable waveplates are retardance plates which enables tailored control of spatial polarization with retardance and predefined patterns of slow axis.

C-Lens (Molded Aspheric)

Custom available C-Type Aspheric lenses (collimating rods) are offered as part of the small beam air-gap collimator assembly.


LightPath Technologies produces a wide range of products designed to collect light from a fiber optic cable and produce a collimated beam.


Aspheric lenses precision molded in IR glass for use in (SWIR, MWIR, LWIR) bands, for applications such as collimation, focusing, and coupling of quantum cascade lasers.

AGC EN-A1 Alkali Free Boro-Aluminosilicate Glass

EN-A 1 material, a highly transmissive, alkali-free thin boro-aluminosilicate glass fabricated and coated by Abrisa Technologies.

Ultra-THin SCHOTT AS 87 Eco Aluminosilicate Glass

SCHOTT AS 87 eco is an ultra-thin aluminosilicate glass with extremely high levels of bending and impact strength and superior scratch resistance

Low Reflection & Non-Glare Glass Solutions

Abrisa Technologies offers an expanded range of standard non-glare (NG), anti-reflection (AR) and anti-reflection coated non-glare (NG/AR) glass.

AGC Dragontrail Chemically Strengthened Glass Fabrication

Abrisa Technologies Fabricates AGC Dragontrailā„¢ High Ion-Exchange (HIEā„¢) aluminosilicate glass with superior strength, scratch resistance and a beautiful surface finish.

Enhancement for Medical Imaging & Scanning

Coated solutions designed to enhance the performance of medical imaging & scanning systems, providing contrast enhancement for laser or fluorescence based imaging.