Products By Workshop of Photonics

Feasibility Study

Already disappointed with other technologies? Our laboratory is a place where perfection can be achieved.

Beam Shaping Unit BSU

Beam Shaping Unit is intended to be applied in laser systems for micromachining applications to create round or square laser spots with uniform intensity distribution.

Custom Spatially Variable Waveplates

Custom spatially variable waveplates are retardance plates which enables tailored control of spatial polarization with retardance and predefined patterns of slow axis.

S-waveplate (Radial Polarization Converter)

S-waveplate is a super-structured spatially variable waveplate which converts linear polarization to radial or azimuthal, and circular polarization to optical vortex.

Glass Cutting Module

Workshop of Photonics has developed a break through transparent material cutting technology, which enables scribing tempered, non-tempered glass and sapphire.

Femtosecond Laser System For Laboratory FemtoLAB

FemtoLAB is a femtosecond laser micromachining system for scientific laboratories.