Products in Detectors

Potentiostat P-IF 1.6

Device that measures the characteristics of the chrono-volt-amperometric signal in electrochemical systems

Angular sphere

The device is used to test omnidirectional characteristics of light sources

Scientific Linear CCD Array Detectors

UV-Vis Scientific Linear CCD Array Detectors

Photovoltaic Power Converter

MH GoPower offers the only photovoltaic power converter (PPC) product line capable of delivering a wide range of power and voltage outputs

Photovoltaic Power Converter - YCH-L200

The YCH-L200 is MHGP’s low power PPC offering for applications requiring power up to ~0.6 watt. Device efficiencies of greater than 23% are achievable with appropriate heat sinking.

Laser beam profiling camera - BEAMAGE

Beam profiling camera for laser beam diagnostics with fast transfer rates and high resolution.