Bulk fluoride glasses

Le Verre Fluoré

LVF bulk fluoride glasses can be used as robust fluorescent solid-state dye, wavelength reference material, light converter, as well as for glass science, study of specific properties of fluoride glasses, in UV, visible and mid-infrared ranges. Ex.: calibration/detection of UV sources with visible sensors (UV to VIS light conversion), detection of NIR sources (NIR to VIS light conversion), calibration of spectrometers and imagers (spectral calibration: fluorescence or absorption spikes at specific wavelengths

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

Le Verre Fluoré is a world leading manufacturer of fluoride glass, components and fibers. Since 1978, LVF has been the undisputed leader in developing fluoride glass technologies, with applications ranging from UV, VIS to midinfrared: bulk glass, multimode and single mode optical fiber, cables, bundles, fiber laser sources and optical sensors.
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