Products By Opt Lasers, a brand ofTomorrow's System Sp. z o.o.

Opt Lasers TO-5 brass Laser Diode Housing Mount

TO-5 laser diode housing made of brass. Cross shape PCB at the back of the housing allows you to solder the diode pins. Engraved cross helps to put the diode.

Opt Lasers 7-25V 20A Laser Diode Temperature Controller + PID

Advanced TEC controller. Thanks to PID algorithm additional heat is not dissipated on the mosfet since driver uses PWM modulation for current controlling.

Opt Lasers 20kHz 3-24V 60A High Power Laser Diode Driver

Professional driver dedicated for high power infra red laser diodes. It can work with 20, 40, and 60W CS-mount 808nm, 940nm and 980nm laser diodes as similar diodes.

Opt Lasers 0-5A Low Power Laser Diode Driver + PID

Professional driver for laser diodes with built-in digital temperature controller and PID algorithm.