Products in Optical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing

Ultra-Sol Optiq

Highly concentrated, small-particle cerium oxide ideal for polishing many optical components.

Germanium windows

Germanium windows at very competitive prices


Custom Lenses for OEMs


For over fifty years, we at EOI, have provided thousands of diverse blackbodies to customers.


Zero Order Waveplates from 10mm to 101.6 mm

Optics, Prisms, Lenses, Coatings, Metallization and More

REFLEX Analytical offers the largest selection of optical materials, fiberoptics & polarizers covering wavelengths from VUV (vacuum ultraviolet) to the Far-IR (infrared).

Lenses, Vacuum Ultraviolet - Far Infrared

REFLEX Analytical's VUV to infrared lens fabrication includes plano-convex, plano-concave, bi-convex, positive meniscus, negative meniscus and aspheric lens geometries.

ATR Prisms, Rods, Hemispheres and More

REFLEX Analytical offers the largest selection of trapezoids, parallelograms, prisms, hemispheres and rods. Choose from a variety of materials & over 500 ATR dimensions.

CO2 Laser Focus Lenses

REFLEX Analytical offers a broad selection of low absorption CO2 laser ZnSe plano-convex and meniscus focus lenses. Diameters include 1.10", 1.50", 2.00" and 2.50"

Optical Coatings and Metallization

REFLEX Analytical enhances the performance of their broad line of optical components with high quality metallization and spectral coatings from 180nm to 25┬Ám.