S100|HR Fizeau Interferometer

Äpre Instruments

In just 6 seconds measure 4.2 megapixels of diffraction limited phase data and produce a customizable report. Quickly converge to final figure with λ/20 accuracy even up to 6.5 fringes/mm, 5X more than you’d expect. See more detail and converge to final figure sooner with the Generation V, S100|HR. - Converge faster, polish surfaces 5X further from final form - Correct at the right spot with >10X lower image distortion - Control 6X finer mid‐spatial frequencies - Robust vibration tolerant and vibration insensitive data acquisition - Fast, 6 seconds from measurement‐to‐custom report

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

We know it is hard to manufacture optics. You are constantly juggling difficult to achieve specifications on a thin profit margin. ÄPRE looks at interferometers from your perspective: You need to get the most from your present investment, and you need to advance your technology without breaking the bank. ÄPRE helps you do just that.
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