PIC Packaging

VLC Photonics

Additionally, if required, PIC can also be assembled, packaged and connectorized electrically and optically through our external network of partners. As an independent solution provider, VLC Photonics works with many packaging companies, each of them providing different services and having different capabilities. The range of options include standard and custom packages, DC and RF connections, thermal control, external electronics (TIAs, drivers, etc.) or the use of fiber arrays and specialty fibers

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

VLC Photonics is an optical chip design house, operating in a fabless way (relying on external foundries for the chip manufacturing), and pure-play (providing photonic integration solutions, and not comercializing our own optical chips). We are application driven, designing your chip in the most suited material platform (silicon photonics, indium phosphide, Silica/PLC, and silicon nitride). We work with an extensive network of foundries and other partners for packaging, optoelectronics and certification/testing.
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