Optical Laser LENS

American Photonics

American Photonics is the best MADE in AMERICA optics company. We are the manufacturer of high-power CO2 laser lenses, and one of the preferred optics supplier of CO2 laser OEMs worldwide. Our line of lenses includes: - Trumpf Cut Lenses - Replacement lenses - Amada - Replacement lenses - HP Low absorption lenses - Aspheric lenses - Cylinder lenses - Meniscus lenses - Plano-convex lenses - Scanning laser system optics - Low-power applications, marking and engraving lens.

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

About Us Headquartered in Bradenton, Florida, American Photonics (APC) was created in 2000 to bring an American presence into the CO2 laser optics industry. APC is a world class facility designed and built to maximize efficiency and precision with high speed production. APC has incorporated the latest technology in optical fabrication and coating. Our Markets In addition to CO2 laser cutting, welding and marking optics, APC has expanded to many new markets. These include Military, Aerospace, Medical and Scientific
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