Light guiding rods, tips

Schmidt & Bender Hungaria Optics Ltd.

Our standard products are: dental curing light tips; endoscope tapers, light guides for handpieces, but we offer our rigid multifibers and core/clad rods customly designed by customer request. We can make tapers, bends, we offer our products in different numerical apertures, and multifibers with transparent or black outer cladding. Moreover we can provide the production and assembly of sockets and supplementary parts, as well as we can participate in the design process, or give advice regarding technical parameters for products containing optical fibers.

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

Located in the heart of Europe, Budapest, Hungary, SCHMIDT + BENDER HUNGARIA is a worldwide supplier of the optics and electronics industry. Our company has a unique history over a 130 years, being under the management of SCHMIDT + BENDER GERMANY since 1992. Since the establishment of the fiber optics department, we are stable supplier of several prestigious dental, medical and other fiber optics manufacturers, as well as we are producing for smaller companies. Our product range varies from flexible fiber bundles to rigid multifibers and core/clad rods what we can shape to the requested form.
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