Infinite Optics General Capabilities

Infinite Optics

Infinite Optics offers customized thin film coating services in small or large quantities utilizing one of 10 coating chambers that depsoit using EB gun technology. We deposit metals, dichroics, filters, beamsplitters, laser mirrors, partial reflectors from UV to IR. We offer coatings on Chalcogenide. Also for SWIR, NIR, MWIR and FLIR wavelengths.

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

Offers prototype R&D and production thin-film coatings services ranging from 193 nm--20 um. Coatings deposited on customer supplied materials or can supply complete coated substrates. Utilizing EB gun and resistor boat evaporation tecniques with ion assited deposition. Supporting industrial, medical and military markets by fabricating, metalizing and coating optics required for lasers, sensors, multispectral EO and targeting systems, telescopes and much more. We coat Salt Resistant Silver Coatings and also coat the Chalcogenide Materials. We are a custom coating house, ask us to prepare a custom coating design for you to evaluate.
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