FiberOptic 7010 - Fiber Cutting Machine

Schleuniger Inc.

The low-cost FiberOptic 7010 cuts and removes the Kevlar material of fiber optic cables with complete accuracy to a remaining length between 3 and 60 mm (0.12 and 2.36"). - Economic solution for cutting of Kevlar strength members - Precision cutting - Extremely light - Easy handling

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

As a leading international manufacturer of high-precision wire and cable processing machines, Schleuniger offers a comprehensive range of products for virtually all applications. Whether cutting, stripping, crimping, sealing or marking, Schleuniger‘s automatic and semi-automatic machines process cables reliably, economically and precisely. With an extensive range of global service products, Schleuniger will assist you in achieving precision results throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment.
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