Compact Multi-channel Fluorescence Camera CFIx24

Anitoa Systems LLC

The Anitoa CFIx24 is a palm-sized turn-key fluorescence camera system, powered by ULS24 CMOS bio-optical sensor chips. It features 1-4 channels simultaneous fluorescent emission wavelength sensing. This camera can be conveniently embedded in a small instrument for molecular imaging.

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

Anitoa is developing technologies to enable a new generation of miniaturized, ultra-portable medical and scientific instruments. Based on its highly integrated and ultra-sensitive CMOS Bio-optical sensor - ULS24, Anitoa demonstrated a hand-held Nucleic Acid Test (NAT) system with industry leading sensitivity and specificity performance for detection of infectious pathogens. Anitoa has also sold or licensed its technology and products to partner companies to develop wide range of medical and scientific instruments for applications ranging from fluorescence image-guided surgery, cell sorting, detection of drug-resistant bacteria and viruses in patients, and testing of disease-causing microorganisms in food and water supply.
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