CO2 Laser Optics

Rocky Mountain Instrument Co

RMI manufactures a full range of CO2 laser optics including focusing lenses, high power mirrors, and output couplers. We have extensive experience in the high volume processing of infrared materials such as ZnSe, ZnS, Ge, Si, and GaAs to produce the highest standard in surface quality at an affordable price. Our thin film coatings are specially designed for maximum environmental durability, low absorption, and high damage threshold at 10.6 ยตm.

*Manufacturer's specifications subject to change without notice.

Manufacturer of advanced optics, specializing in a full range of Deep UV - Far IR coatings, precision components, opto-mechanical design & assemblies, and CVD infrared materials. RMI offers high performing standard and custom imaging and laser optics for Excimer, YAG, Fiber and CO2 laser systems. As one of the original laser optics manufacturers in the US, Rocky Mountain Instrument Co. (RMI) has a longstanding history of developing and advancing high quality precision optics, specialty coating.
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