Products By Safibra

Asphalt road detector - vehicle detection sensor

The Asphalt Road detector is a cutting-edge fiber optic strain sensor designed to accurately detect passing vehicles and monitor traffic by flexing within the upper layers of the asphalt, utilizing advanced FBG technology and superior sensitivity.

Pressure sensor (with integrated temperature sensor)

The fiber optic Pressure Sensor, with an integrated temperature sensor, enables precise monitoring of water level, fluid pressure, and ground levels across a wide range of applications.

Tiltmeter - tilt sensor

The Tiltmeter is a temperature-compensated angle sensor based on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology, designed for precise measurement of small variations in angle towards the vertical direction.

FBG accelerometer - acceleration sensor

The FBG accelerometer is a compact and reliable fiber optic sensor for high-precision measurement of small structural vibrations, suitable for various applications.

Displacement tunnel sensor - displacement gauge

The Displacement tunnel sensor uses FBG technology for real-time monitoring of displacement changes in tunnel surfaces, allowing continuous structural health monitoring.

FBG temperature sensor

The FBG temperature sensor enables accurate temperature measurements for monitoring the technical condition of structures, offering strain-free readings and versatile applications in various environments.

Embedded strain sensor

The Embedded strain sensor is a fiber optic sensor that continuously monitors stress, tension, and pressure within concrete structures, with microstrain precision.

Cabinet detector - door opening detector

The Cabinet Detector efficiently detects intrusion and vandalism attempts at locations such as cabinets, doors, and entrances, providing real-time alerts for immediate response and minimizing potential damages and losses.

Manhole detector - intrusion detection system

The Manhole Detector is a remote intrusion detection system providing continuous monitoring and timely detection of intrusion and vandalism attempts at manholes.

L-Bracket sensor - strain sensor

The L-Bracket sensor is a fiber optic strain long gauge sensor designed for continuous structural health monitoring, ensuring constant supervision and maintenance of critical infrastructure.