Variable focus Liquid Lenses - Arctic series

The variable focus lenses from Varioptic enable variable focus or Autofocus with absolutely no moving parts. The main bebenfits are unlimited number of cycles, low power consumption, extremly high resistance to vibrations and shocks, compact size.

The Arctic lenses range from 1.6mm clear aperture to 3.9mm clear aperure, with an outer diameter from 6.2mm to 13mm.

These liquid lenses are used either for Imaging or for Laser applications: barcode readers, smart cameras, medical imaging, defense, biometrics, consummer devices are some of the products using the Liquid Lens.


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Varioptic is the pioneer and global market leader in adjustable lens solutions. Our liquid lens technology brings cutting-edge functions such as fast autofocus and continuous astigmatism control to industrial, medical and consumer applications.

Varioptic provides variable focus (Arctic Family), variable focus and astigmatism liquid lenses (Visayan family), variable focus M12 and C-Mount modules (Caspian Family).

Varioptic Liquid Lenses solution combines unlimited cycle lifetime, very low power consumption, unique resistance to vibrations and mechanical shocks. Liquid Lenses also enable to build compact AutoFocus cameras, working on a wide temperature range and with no noise.