Products by VLC Photonics

pic characterization and test
PIC Characterization and Test
PIC Characterization and Test

Products by Safibra

multi-channel fiber optic source for calibration of optical detectors
Multi-channel fiber optic source for calibration of optical detectors
Multi-channel laser source with uniformly distributed light into fiber bundle up to 14x14

Products by McPherson

improved deep ultraviolet spectrum measurements
Improved deep ultraviolet spectrum measurements
New digital flow controllers improve measurement accuracy in VUVAS ultraviolet spectrophotometer systems and improve lifetime of ultraviolet lamps at short wavelengths

Products by ConnectZone

fiber optic loopback
Fiber Optic Loopback
Fiber Optic Loopback Fiber Optic Loopback tester Fiber Optic Loopback tester Fiber Optic Loopback tester Fiber Optical Loopback tester for testing circuits

Products by Fiber Optic Association, Inc.

foa reference guide to fiber optic testing
FOA Reference Guide To Fiber Optic Testing
A new textbook for training or studying for FOA CFOS/T certifications and up-to-date reference on fiber optic testing for the contractor, installer, designer and user.

Products by NeTHIS - New TeraHertz Imaging Systems

openview - universal laser beam camera
OpenView - Universal laser beam camera
The OpenView is an universal camera offering the largest spectral range from UV to THz domain.

Products by Duma Optronics Ltd

wide spectral range 190nm-1600nm ccd beam profiler
Wide Spectral range 190nm-1600nm CCD Beam Profiler
Wide spectral range beam profiler system for laser beam analysis: profilem beam size, position and power. New technology, one sensor without distorting coatings

Products by TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc.

testing inspection certification services
Testing Inspection Certification Services
Field Labeling, UL and ANSI standard testing/listings, CE testing, EMC testing, Wifi/Bluetooth/Zigbee and International Approvals

Products by Advanced Cooling Technologies

pumped two phase cooling
Pumped Two Phase Cooling
Stand-alone pumped two phase cooling loop with quick-disconnects for cooling up to four cold plates.
thermal management solutions: heat pipes
Thermal Management Solutions: Heat Pipes
Heat Pipe Assembly used to move heat away from the hot side of TEC to external heat sink

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