Products by Diamond SA

high temperature fiber optic connectors
High Temperature fiber optic connectors
High Temperature fiber optic connectors developed to withstand operating temperatures (150° C / 302°F) beyond the range of conventional plastic connectors.
collimators and pigtailed lasers
Collimators and pigtailed lasers
Diamond offers a wide range of collimators with low back reflection, designed to collimate light exiting a fiber to a desired beam size.

Products by Diamond USA, Inc.

dialink  intelligent circular design connector
DiaLink intelligent circular design connector
DiaLink comprises a male and a female connector side that can be used in extremely confined conditions as a device interface or with a high packing density.

Products by Molex LLC

molex metal lc2+ connector
Molex Metal LC2+ Connector
Molex LC2+ Metal Optical Connectors

Products by Kientec Systems, Inc.

custom zirconia ferrules and mating sleeves
Custom Zirconia Ferrules and Mating Sleeves
Custom zirconia ferrules and alignment sleeves

Products by SOURIAU PA&E

 high reliability, harsh environment interconnect solutions from souriau pa&e
High Reliability, Harsh Environment Interconnect Solutions from SOURIAU PA&E
Hermetic RF/DC Connectors and Electronic Packaging for Harsh Environment Applications

Products by Fiberon Technologies Inc.

fiberon technologies inc.
Fiberon Technologies Inc.
QSFP+ Active Optical Cables

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