Products by NYFORS Teknologi AB

minicoater 2
Suitable for recoating in field environments such as oil drilling platforms and other applications where a high degree of portability is required.
SMARTSPLICER is an advanced CO2 laser fusion splicing & glass processing system designed for production of high power & sensitive photonics components of various kinds.
autocoater 2
Ideal for production applications where flexibility is required to meet many different recoating needs and specifications.
cleavemeter 3d
CLEAVEMETER 3D is ideal for analyzing cleaved fibers with complicated structures such as polarization maintaining fibers and micro-structured fibers.
cleavemeter 2
Optical fiber interferometer designed for inspecting the end-faces of cleaved or polished optical fibers with cladding diameters between 125 and 1200 micrometer.
autocleaver ldf-m
Advanced cleaver for standard and large diameter fibers with cladding diamaters between 80 and 600 micrometer.

Products by CE Communication Services, Inc.

fiber network manager for 12 fibers
Fiber Network Manager for 12 Fibers
Manages copper and fiber anywhere in your data center. Allows you to easily label and identify wires. Brackets come in different sizes and hold up to 10 FN-12's each.

Products by Oplatek Group Oy

design and manufacturing services
Design and manufacturing services
Optical and Fiber Optical components, modules and devices.

Products by art photonics GmbH

chalcogenide ir-fibers and fiber cables
Chalcogenide IR-Fibers and Fiber Cables
metal-coated silica fibers
Metal-Coated Silica Fibers
High temperature resistance Increased durability, high strength, hermetically sealed Possibility of soldering, embedded fibers, bundles, pigtails, inlets to high vacuum

Products by Technica Optical Components, LLC

high tensile strength temperature cable sensor
High Tensile Strength Temperature Cable Sensor
The T140 is an optical armored temperature FBG cable sensor designed for monitoring temperature in harsh environments.
high sensitivity strain & temperature  fbg cable sensor
High Sensitivity Strain & Temperature FBG Cable Sensor
The T130 is a small dimension high sensitivity FBG cable sensor designed for monitoring strain and temperature in surface mounted or embedded applications.

Products by Diamond USA, Inc.

diaflex multi fiber
Diaflex Multi Fiber
DiaFlex fan-out connection fiber whips can be removed and replaced via a connector system in the divider

Products by FemtoFiberTec GmbH

femtosecond(fs)-laser-written fiber bragg gratings (fbgs)
Femtosecond(fs)-laser-written Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs)
Our manufacturing technology provides the highest possible flexibility in terms of customer individual FBG specifications and production volumes.

Products by AMS Technologies AG

Gold Coated Fiber Silica Core / Silica Clad / Gold Coated Fiber
Metalized optical fibers to operate at extreme temperatures

Products by Fiberguide Industries, Inc

shaped fiber tips assemblies
Shaped Fiber Tips Assemblies
Fiberguide offers standard configurations as well as custom designed shaped tip fiber assemblies for precise beam control.
optical taper
Optical Taper
Fiberguide's Optical Tapers are used for mode mixing, lowering optical power density in high power applications.
gold coated optical fiber
Gold Coated Optical Fiber
We offer Gold and Aluminum coated fibers. These high performance coatings enable our fibers to operate at extreme temperatures and survive in harsh environments.

Products by OpTek Systems, Inc.

conical lens
Conical Lens
Conical lens with 6um ROC, 50 degree inclusive angle

Products by Linden Photonics, Inc.

fiber optic cable
Fiber Optic Cable
Specialty fiber optic cable for harsh environment

Products by Delaire USA, Inc.

delaire usa, inc's 8800 family of fiber optic test links
Delaire USA, Inc's 8800 Family of Fiber Optic Test Links
Delaire USA, Inc's 8800 Family of Fiber Optic Test Links

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