WL1000, Highest Power, Low SWaP, Fiber-Coupled Pump Module

The WL1000 is a low SWaP, high power, fiber-coupled laser-diode module to pump fiber-based high-energy lasers.  More than 1kW of mode-stripped optical power at 976nm is coupled from a detachable, 225 micron, 0.22NA delivery fiber.  At 1000W operation, the electrical to optical efficiency is more than 50%.  The module is care-free cooled with distilled water. 

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Somerville Laser Technogy, LLC develops and manufactures low size, weight and waste power (SWaP) fiber-coupled pump modules for fiber-based directed energy lasers.    The White Lightning product line offers the highest power-conversion efficiency at the highest output-power.  The fiber is detachable and the coupled power is mode-stripped.